A bit about me.
Creating visual stories is just a part of my being. I have a real love of photography and am constantly taking too many pics of my little family! I'm quite obsessed with skincare products and stray dogs, a very strange combination I know. I drink too much coffee (like most people on the planet right now) and I blame my parents for my love of design and interiors, having spent most of my childhood in antique shops and renovation projects. 
My young years were spent in South Africa, and my teen and twenties in the UK & Ireland, creating a great mix of social awareness and late nights in pubs!
 I studied a BA Honours Design degree in Nottingham and then spent many years in branding & retail in the UK, Ireland & back in South Africa. Working on beauty, fashion and homeware brands, I found my niche in art directing shoots as well as a great desire to learn technical tips from top photographers, ultimately making me a better image maker. My desire to tell visual stories and capture the real essence of a brand, or be it a person, is ultimately why I do this - whether it's a camera or a laptop in my hand.
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